AddressLabels iOS App Store Reviews

Awesome app!

This is the 5th year I’ve used it and I love it! Sooooo handy! Definitely makes things really easy. Love the ability to print mailing labels. I just wish I got back half as many Christmas cards as I send!
WrenBee– Nov 28, 2018

Easy to use!

Great app! So easy to use and made Christmas cards addressing so simple!
maggs781– Nov 26, 2018

Love this app!

It’s easy to use and print your labels. Love the ease of adding an image with my return address labels.
TBetts50– Nov 25, 2018

Really good

I don’t often leave reviews but, this app is good. Being able to select fonts, add images and use your contacts on my iPad was enjoyable and now I also have a record of the cards sent this year ready to use again next year.
capeldewi– Nov 17, 2018

Wonderful App

For the first time in years, using this app, I’ve quickly and easily created a list of gorgeous Christmas card address labels. They printed out perfectly first time too, perfectly placed on the labels. You’ve saved me so much energy and whole days of my life, not only this year but in years to come! I’ve only just begun to tap the potential of what this app can do but already am totally chuffed to bits. Thank youSO much!
poseycow– Nov 6, 2018

Saved my Christmas chore

Been struggling for years with too many cards to send, this is a lifesaver, can’t
Believe how good it is. Only problem I forgot to turn the printer on.
supersonicsylv– Nov 1, 2018


I have used the card lists for a couple of years. The app is very user friendly and the instructions are easy to follow. I have made lists for Christmas, putting the names at the top for cards to Australia etc, next the European cards and lastly the inland ones. These all require postage and are separated from the hand delivered and email cards. The Christmas list is in country and alphabetical order. The birthday lists are in date order. This had made life so very much easier. I recently had a problem after an update, my iPad is getting old, when I queried the problem, Nigel , the designer and owner replied immediately and worked hard to resolve this, which he has done! A personal service not easy to find today.
127868vom– Oct 5, 2018

Very impressed

Used to do my labels on an Access database so when I switched to Apple, I needed to find an alternative. I downloaded this awhile ago but have only just played with it. It’s brilliant….imported all the contacts I send cards to without a hitch. The rest is intuitive and so simple to use! Select the label sizes and print! Much easier than the old access database! So impressed that this is the only review of an app that I have ever written!
ketteringman – Sep 3, 2018

A truly amazing app

This app certainly takes the pain out of producing your Christmas and other lists. A lot of thought appears to have gone into what is a truly excellent product. Being able to backup to Dropbox is a real bonus.
G//L – Sep 18, 2018

Very impressed

Used to do my labels on an Access database so when I switched to Apple, I needed to find an alternative. I downloaded this awhile ago but have only just played with it. It’s brilliant….imported all the contacts I send cards to without a hitch. The rest is intuitive and so simple to use! Select the label sizes and print! Much easier than the old access database! So impressed that this is the only review of an app that I have ever written!
ketteringman – Sep 3, 2018

This app is FABULOUS

My wife has wanted a Xmas card list to remove the tedium of handwriting all the envelopes and I had shied away from it on the grounds of it would be more trouble than it’s worth. WRONG! Did some research, came across this app, read the reviews and thought it must be worth trying. I have been bowled over by how good it is….so easy to create lists and print the labels… worked first time and the joy of seeing all the addresses perfectly aligned with the labels inspired me to create lists for other groups of friends and colleagues. A big thank you to the developer. l
Lord Bahn Bahn. – Feb 10, 2018

First Class App

The app is superb and the backup support is very fast and very efficient. It does everything it says on the tin and more. Great with the iPad and iPhone Chippy from Winchester
Chippy from Winchester – Feb 10, 2018

Great address and card tracking app

I have had this app for a few years now. Last year I manually updated all the addresses so they were correct. With this Christmas looming I did my new list and import from last years list and boom, more than half the addresses lost. I emailed. The developer and advised the problem. Got a real quick response followed by a few days testing different scenarios with him, until he had sorted the problem out. Many thanks great app and superb support.
Denz1968 – Jan 7, 2018

A fantastic app! 
Have been using this app for 3 christmasses, would be lost without it!
Mashpot631 – Jan 6, 2018


The latest update of this app. Which introduces a maximum font size works perfectly. Many thanks for responding so promptly to requests for this. This absolutely brilliant.
Rroodders – Jan 6, 2018

From a non-techy 80-yr-Old

Been hunting for ages for a suitable address book/Label program. All have fallen short of my requirements in some respect. This, I think, is it! I find it so quick, intuitive and easy to type in. A lot of detail has clearly been thought about, and incorporated. My rating is one star short of 5 only because I haven’t yet tackled the label layout, nor the program’s printing performance. I anticipate, though, that here will be the absent star! The extra box is so helpful for odds and ends/ names of children etc. And I’ve opened a parallel file for landline/ mobile phone/ email addresses. My iPad now provides me with an instantly accessible reference to over 300 friends. Just one thought for UK users, and our system of postcodes: it would not be beyond your genius to provide some easier way of typing in our system of upper-case letters and interspersed digits. Thank you. Dennis.
donbaker – Dec 21, 2017

Used to have an old Easymail software on my PC, which was very good and easy to use. Now on iPad tried all manner of so called labelling Apps. Most were either glitchy, did not do what they said or were very difficult to use and more hindrance than help. So finding this has made my day utterly. Very good App and seems to have all bases covered. Managed my Xmas list with ease. I made and entered a new list from scratch and it was easy to manage and printed to my Avery labels perfectly. I recommend this – oh and the help site is excellent too. l
Bozzie16 – Dec 16, 2017

This is an amazing app. It was so easy to set up and the results are brilliant, thank you!
JaneW50 – Dec 10, 2017

Great App! 
That’s Christmas and invitations sorted!! Reasonably priced and so easy to use from your iPad, once the addresses are typed it’s plain sailing. Recommended
bevozzy – Nov 30, 2017

Just buy it! 
This has got to be the best app I have ever bought and I can’t believe how cheap it was. For years I have struggled with Avery to print my labels as it has got to be the most non user friendly app ever, however, AddressLabels on the contrary has got to be the most user friendly app ever and I created my lists and printed my labels in probably a tenth of the time it took me with Avery. Marvellous app !
Stewbkk – Nov 23, 2017

I have just discovered this wonderful App. It’s so easy to update your name & address list and then produce labels from it. Would definitely recommend this very impressive App.
grah44 – Nov 21, 2017

Great App, Great Support! 
This app is a great solution to Apple’s problem. In Contacts, you cannot get address labels to print displaying First Name first. Rather, Contacts prints last name first. This has been an ongoing issue for years now. AddressLabels has been my solution to this problem all these years, and I just printed out my labels for this year in record time! Years ago, I had a question for the developer, and the only way he could have gotten back to me with the answer any quicker would be with him sitting next to me. This year, I had great success lining up all my addresses on a label sheet of 10×3 by using the font Futura-CondensedMediumFont. Everyone fits perfectly. Your mileage may vary.
WhitIV Nov 18, 2017

Simply brilliant! 
 I have been searching for an app to use with iPad for years. This is it! Intuitive, efficient. And there is back up help should you need it. As an “old lady” technophobe I made my way to printed labels in a few clicks. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
Moraymouse Nov 13, 2017

Great Card List 
Very easy to make entries & looks good too. Very pleased.
Meducks Nov 11, 2017

Great app
This app sure simplifies my Christmas card list. It’s almost an enjoyable task now. Thanks to the developer for keeping it up. Many options in here I find useful.
CareyAndrew Nov 5, 2017

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
I just want to say this is one of the best apps around from doing all my labels for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Christmas and for my everyday labels to as I can add a picture to my labels to for my homemade pickles, jam and relish.
Mayflower 64 Nov 4, 2017

So easy. 
I give this app., 10/10. I used it for printing labels for my Christmas card envelopes and made them look festive by attaching holly, etc. So easy. Highly delighted.
Sauerweg5 Oct 29, 2017

Excellent Tool. 
Excellent tool very please with this app and great support from the developer
John BA Oct 7, 2017

Absolutely love it! 
It’s so simple, and easy to use.
JM2222222 Sep 13, 2017

Worth every cent! 
A mom’s dream! So easy! Love it!
Jenn M June 10, 2017

Made My Life Simple at Christmas 
AddressLabels is an excellent app. It is intuitive to use making the whole process of generating address labels simple and very manageable. It worked beautifully with the AirPrint option on my printer. It worked perfectly with the Contacts I have in my iPhone6s while allowing me to enter many addresses into the list that weren’t in my Contacts. Excellent app, I highly recommend it.
Drahcir97 Jan 24, 2017

Terrific App; Font Sizes; Sharing Files 
Once again I am compelled to praise this app. Over the years there have been a number of significant improvements. There are a great variety of text fonts and sizes, but it’s hard to judge the size (how many letters or numbers will fit on one line of a label) from the list you select from, only when you print. I would dearly love to be able to share card files among my iOS devices – my iPad and my iPhone. There is a way to do this using Dropbox but I haven’t quite figured it out and would greatly prefer iCloud. But these are nits; it’s a great, flexible, adaptable app.
Bill Paying Bills Jan 14, 2017

I have been looking for a decent labels app ever since I got an iPad but never imagined that I would find one as good as this. My mail merge list used on my, now redundant, computer was not a patch on this.
Rroodders Jan 7, 2017

Absolutely love it! 
It’s so simple, and easy to use.
JM2222222 Sep 13, 2017

I have used this app for at least three years now and love that I am able to set up separate lists for email, snail mail, and ecards. Makes it easy and fast for me. My lists are already ready to go for Christmas 2017.
Coffeeshop45 Jan 3, 2017

A very nice Christmas tracking app and more

More than just tracking, though; you can print name lists and print address labels. I keep track of cards I’ve sent, and note who sends cards to me. You can make relevant notes such as children’s names, marriages (or sadly, deaths). A big thumbs up!
Arizona_Bound Jan 2, 2017

First year…loving it so far!
It was so easy to import from my contacts and make the edits. We tracked this year and are ready for next year. Best thing was how easy it was to figure out how many cards and stamps to buy in the first place. I didn’t print off the labels this year and just did hand-written so I don’t feel like I can review the whole app until next year. Five stars for what I used in the app.
Pinky56 Jan 2, 2017