Creating Return Address Labels

 To create and print Return Labels, click the Return Labels button in the toolbar.


Select Source Of Return Address

 You will then get a chance to either select the name and address from your Contacts, or type in manually.




If you opt for the select from Contacts option, you will then see your Contacts displayed in a table. Select the one you want, and click the Use As Return Address Button.





You will then be presented with the name and address which will get printed on the labels or envelopes. If you chose a name from Contacts, it will get filled in here. Otherwise, it will be blank (or contain the information from a previous time).

You can enter or edit the name and address. You can also select the number of labels that you require.

When ready, click the Create Labels button if you are creating labels. Otherwise, for envelopes, click the Save For Envelopes button.

Return Labels Button
choose source of return labels information - Contacts or Manually entered
Select Person From Contacts For Return Label
Returns Label Information

Printing and Emailing Return Labels


Finally, you will see a preview of the Return Labels.

This will be identical to when previewing address labels for your lists. From here, you can change the appearance of the labels, by clicking the toolbar settings button.

When ready, you can click the toolbar Email Button or Print Button to email or print the labels.

Return Labels Preview Screen