AddressLabels Privacy Policy


Data Collected By The App

AddressLabels can use the users Contacts data and images from the user’s photo library.


How is this data used

The app can use Contact data if the user wants to import names and addresses into the mailing lists created by the user. This is a facility added for the benefit of the user, making creation of lists easier and more maintainable. The user does not then have to type in names and addresses already stored in Contacts. The user also benefits when an address in Contacts changes as the change will also be reflected in the AddressLabels lists. The Contact data is used within the app itself, and not collected for any use outside of the app.

AddressLabels will only read data in Contacts. It will never write to Contacts.

Similarly, the app can use an image from the user’s ¬†photo library, if the user wants to add an image to the printed address labels. Again the image would be used within the app and not used or sent to anywhere outside of the app.


Permission to use data

AddressLabels will not use Contacts or image data without first asking the user permission to do so.


Data Minimization

AddressLabels will only access the user’s Contacts or photo library if the user wants to use the features in the app which benefit from allowing this access. If the user prefers to type in information manually, for example, no access to the user’s Contacts will be made. Similarly, labels can be printed with no images, or with inbuilt image icons, with no need to use photo images. In this case, AddressLabels will not access the user’s photo library.


Data Sharing

AddressLabels will not share the user’s Contacts or photo library images with any third party.

The user’s data will only be used for the benefit of the user, within the app itself.