Printing To Envelopes


To print a list to envelopes, select the list by clicking on it, then click the Envelopes button in the toolbar. 

Starting Label Printing Screenshot

Selecting Names to Print 

You will then be presented with a list of names to print on your envelopes, identical to the one for selecting names for labels. The names with a green tick to the left of the name will get printed.

If you have already indicated that the card or letter for this person has been mailed already, it will initially be unselected. To select names for printing, just click on a name. If you do not want a label for someone, and that person is selected (green tick), just click on the name to unselect (green tick disappears).


There is a search box at the top to help you find the names you want.

When all of the names required have been selected, click the Print Labels button.

Selecting names to print screenshot

Print Preview

You will then see a preview of the address labels.

You can zoom in or out by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate menu item, or by using the ⌘+  and ⌘-  keys.

To print the envelopes, click the Print button on the top-right and follow the instructions.  Note: you will have to follow the instructions for your printer as to how to load the envelopes into the printer.

You can also Email the envelopes pdf file (click the Mail icon above the preview), or store it to disk for printing at a later time or location.

 You will likely have to change the envelope type itself. This is done in the Settings (click the Settings cog in the toolbar above the preview) as explained below.

Also in settings, you can change the appearance of the text, which items are included (name, address, telephone numbers and email numbers) , whether you want an image on the envelope, and also whether you want a return address at the top-left of the envelope.


Envelope Settings


Click the Settings cog above the preview. A lot of the settings are the same as for the address labels, but there are some specifically for envelope printing, as shown here. Since version 2.50 you can now shift the address text horizontal and/or vertically to place it exactly where you want. 

You will see that you can click on Standard or Custom Size. The app works with a wide variety of Standard sizes. To see the sizes available, click on the dropdown just below the Standard/Custom switch.


Hopefully you will see the envelope you intend to use in the dropdown list. If so, just click on it.

If you do not see the envelope you want, then contact the support email and hopefully it can be added in the future.

If you do not see the envelope you are using, and cannot wait for a future update, then you can try printing to a custom size. Click on the Custom Size switch.

Enter the longest dimension in the top textfield (30 in the example), and shortest dimension in the lower textfield, then click the Set Custom Size button.

Make sure to enter the size in the correct units – cm in the example above.


Name and Address Font and Color

You can have the name and address with the same font and colour, or, since version 2.60,  you can have one font/colour for the name (first line) and a different font/colour for the rest of the address. 

The instructions for that are the same as for the Address Labels – How to change the text font and colour

Printing Return Addresses

Below the envelope selection settings is a checkbox allowing you to have a return address printed on the envelope. The return address will be printed on the Top-Left of the envelope. You can also select a one-line return address – printed along the top of the envelope.

To enter the return address information, follow the instructions for printing Return Addresses, but clicking the button to save for envelopes, rather than previewing labels. Then return to the Envelopes creation detailed above, and make sure the Include Return Address checkbox is checked.

Since version 2.60, it has been possible to have a differnt font and colour than used for the envelopes main address.

It is also now possible to change the position of the return address, by changing the Horizontal and Vertical shifts.

Envelope Image Positioning




Images can be added to the envelope just as with the address labels. However, on the envelope, you can choose where on the envelope to print the image, as shown in the part of the setting screen shown here.