Printing Address Labels


To print a list to address labels, select the list by clicking on it, then click the Address Labels button in the toolbar.

Starting Label Printing Screenshot

Selecting Names to Print To Labels

You will then be presented with a list of names to print on your labels. The names with a green tick to the left of the name will get printed.

If you have already indicated that the card or letter for this person has been mailed already, it will initially be unselected. To select names for printing, just click on a name. If you do not want a label for someone, and that person is selected (green tick), just click on the name to unselect (green tick disappears).


There is a search box at the top to help you find the names you want.

When all of the names required have been selected, click the Print Labels button.

Selecting names to print screenshot

Print Preview

You will then see a preview of the address labels.

You can zoom in or out by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate menu item.

To print the label sheet, click the Print button on the top-right and follow the instructions.

You can also Email the labels. Perhaps you have another computer connected to your printer, so eMail the labels to that computer.

You can also store the labels to your computer by clicking on the Folder button and selecting where the file is to be stored.


Finally, you can change the appearance of the text, which items are included (name, address, telephone numbers and email numbers) by clicking the Settings (cog) button.