Changing Label Sheet Settings


To change the settings for the label sheet, click the Cog button on the top left of the label preview screen.

Label Sheet preview

You will then see the settings screen where you can change all of the settings to do with the label sheet printing. From here you can change various settings:

  • Add an image to the label
  • Change the size and transparency of the image
  • Change the label sheet type
  • Change the text font on the label
  • Change the text colour on the label
  • Limit the height of the text on the label
  • Change the position of the first label to be printed
  • Change whether names with no address get printed to a label
  • Change whether to print the address Country on the label.
  • Change how many copies of the label sheet to print.
  • Select which items to print on the labels (name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthday)

 Note: you can see the changes on the labels preview screen as you change the settings (you may need to move the settings screen if it is covering the preview screen). Also, you will need to close the settings screen before continuing to use the app.

Label Sheet Setting Screen