Importing from .csv Files

Address Labels allows you to import mailing/card lists from a .csv file. To make this process as simple as possible, Address Labels will look through the titles of the columns to determine which columns are name, street, country etc. This means that the columns can be in any order you want. However, it also means that it is essential that there are titles at the top of each column.

The file above will import correctly as it has titles above each column.

This file will fail to import as it has not titles at the top of the columns.

To start the import, click the ‘+’ button at the bottom-right, as shown here.

On the next screen, click on the Import Names From Numbers/Excel .csv File  button.

You will then see a screen for accepting the .csv file. Simply drag the .csv file onto this screen. Please note: the only files that will be accepted are those with a .csv extension.

If the file has the right extension, the screen will go red as it accepts the fil.

If Address Labels is able to process the file correctly e.g. the file had column headers, the names and addresses will then be presented. You can then select some or all of the names for import.

The following applies to version 2.30 onwards…

At this point, you have a choice on how you want the imported names to get sorted. 

Firstly, you can click the Import and then use the sort methods set up in Settings button to simply import the names and addresses and then rely on the usualt sort method from setting e.f. sorting alphabetically on last name. This is probably the most usual way or proceeding.

Alternatively, you can keep the names in the order that they appear in the csv file, by clicking the Import the names in the order they appear in the csv file button. If you do this, the list will be put into Manual sort and the names initially put into the order they appear in the file. This could allow you to presort the file as desired, and then do the import. As an example, you could have a column used to mark names as work or personal, and then sort the list to show the personal names first, before performing the import into Address Labels.