How to Print Address Labels


There follows a brief description on how to create lists, add names to the list, and then print the names and addresses to address labels.

Creating A New List




First, click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom left of the screen.


On the next screen, type in a name for the list, or select from the dropdown e.g. Christmas.


Change the year if you want. It will default to the current year which is usually what you would want.

If you do not want a year in the list name, for example, a birthday list, or maybe a list for storage jar labels, then just check the No Year checkbox.




Add a new list screen

Adding Names


Tap on the list to select it. Then, tap the ‘+’ button on the bottom-right, to add names to the list.

You can type in a new name and address, import previously typed in names, or add names from your Contacts.

From version 2.10 onwards, you can also import the names from a spreadheet .csv file.


Adding names to List
Selecting Source of Names For List

Manually Entered Names


Click Type New Name/Address if you want to type the names and address manually. You can also add additional information such as, as shown here, names of children.

If you have already typed names in on other lists, clicking Import Existing Typed Entries on the previous screen will display a table of names, Select the ones you want and click Import Selected Names.

Importing Names From Contacts


Importing from Contacts is really simple. On the previous screen, if you had clicked on the Import Names From Contacts button, you will then see a table of Contacts. On the left will be any groups of Contacts. Select a group, or All Contacts. Then, on th right-hand pane, select the names you want to add to your list. To help find a name, click into the Search field on the bottom left and start typing a name. This will filter the table to show the relevant names. Select the ones you want. Click Import Selected Names to add the names to your list.

Importing Names From Spreadsheet File


First, export your spreadsheet data to a .csv file. Then,  on the previous screen, if you had clicked on the Import Names From Numbers/Excel .csv File button, you will then see a screen shown to the right. Just drag your csv file onto this screen and you should see the names and addresses displayed in a table. Select all or the ones you want, and click the import button.

Printing Your Address labels


Select the list of names/addresses to be printed and click the Address Labels button in the toolbar. You will then see a list of names/addresses to be printed, with a green tick if selected to be printed.

If you had indicated in the card status that the card had already been mailed to this person, or that it was an eCard, the name will initially be unticked.

Select all of names to be printed (using Select All or Unselect All to help), and click Print Selected Names.

Changing the Labels Appearance


You will be presented with a preview of the address label sheet.

Click on the Settings button to change the label appearance. From here, you can change the following:

  • label sheet type
  • label font
  • Text colour
  • Add an image to the label from the supplied images, or from a file on your computer.
  • Change the image size and/or transparency
  • Change the position of the first label to be printed (for partially printed sheets)
  • Select items to appear on the labels (Name, address, info, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • For names that came from Contacts, print the country or not
  • Limit the text height.
  • Print more than one copy of the address labels


When ready, click on the preview screen, and the click the Print Labels button to print the labels.