Editing Card Details


To edit the details for a person on a list, right-click (Control-click)  on the person, and select Edit Card.

The next screen will allow you to edit the person’s details. What you see will depend on whether the person was imported from Contacts originally, or if typed in manually.

Screenshot showing how to edit details of person in list

Editing Name From Contacts


You cannot change the name and address, or in fact, any of the details which are stored in Contacts,  of a person imported from Contacts. This can only be done in the Contacts app itself. This is intentional as Contacts information can be used by other apps, so all changes should be made in the one place. Any changes made in Contacts, will appear very soon afterwards in Address Labels.

However, you can change the name as it will appear on a list, and on the labels. This means you can in effect create an alias for that person. In the example shown, “John Appleseed” is a person in Contacts. This will appear on the labels as “John and Mary”.

You can also add ( or edit ) extra information to be stored with that person perhaps adding useful information such as the names of children or partners.

If the person has more than one address, click the Select Different Address button and then select the address that you would like to appear on the labels.

When you have made your changes, click the Save Button.


Editing Person Imported From Contacts Screen

Editing Manually Entered Name





If the person was originally typed in manually, you can change the name here, as well as the person’s address, phone numbers, email addresses, extra information and birthday.

You can also enter or edit some extra and hopefully useful information, to store with that person.