Changing Text Font and Colour

The text font and colour can be changed via the Setting page. This applies to Labels or Envelopes.

Click the Settings Cog at the top of the Labels or Envelopes Preview Screen.


You can use the same font  for the entire name and address. If this is what you want, then make sure the “Same font for Name and Address Text” checkbox is checked. Similarly, check the “Same Colour for Name and Address Text” checkbox, if you want the name and address to share the same colour.

Change the font by clicking on the font dropdown and selecting a font. Similarly, click on the colour well besire the “name text Colour” label, and select the desired colour.

However, since version 2.60, it is now possible to use one font for the name and a different font for the address. Similarly, the name can have one colour and the address a different colour. Uncheck the “Same font for Name and Address Text” and/or “Same Colour for Name and Address Text” checkboxes as appropriete. 

You will then see separate font dropdowns and colour wells for the name and address parts of the text.

Limiting Text Height

When the labels are created, the text for the name and address will be sized to fit the label. It will be made as big as possible without going outside the bounds of the label, which is generally what you would want. However, sometimes you might want to make the text size smaller. For example, if the name and address is short, and the label size large (e.g. on a label sheet with 10 or less labels), the text can look very large. To limit the size of the text, you can set a top limit via the Max Text Height dropdown.

Note that this is simply an upper limit, should the text size get too large for that label. Often, this setting will not come into effect as the text height will already be below the limit.