Changing Item Status (Written/Mailed/Received etc.)


If you want, you can indicate whether the mail/card for a person has been written, mailed, is for hand-delivery or is an eCard. To do this, tap the icon to the left of the name to move from one state to the next. The first tap will change the status to written. The next tap will change it to Mailed. Click again to indicate the item is to be hand-delivered, and again to indicate it is an eCard.

Similarly, to indicate that a card has been received, click the checkbox to the right of the name.


Changing Item Status Screenshot



You can also change the status by Control-clicking (right-clicking) on a name and selecting Card Status from the context menu. You can even select multiple names and change the status for all of the selected names, in one operation.

Note: You can select more than one name and perform the status change to all of the added names.