Although the printer might have been set up to cut after all labels have been printed, this only works with the Brother mac app. With Address labels there is an extra step, where the printer is told what is required when you see the Apple Print Settings screen. The Settings screen seen depends on the printer being used. There follows a couple of example.



If you are printing a number of peelable labels, it is likely that you would want to print a strip of labels, cutting at the end. This would allow you to hold one strip, and peel off the labels as you need them.

When you click Print to display the Print Settings screen, select Finishing options. Then select Cut at the End of the Job.

QL-700 (USB)

The way to achieve this is different with the QL-700. 

Again click Print to see the Print Setting screen. This time, click on Printer Features.

This time, switch Auto Cut OFF, and Trim tape after data ON.