Adding Images To Labels


Images are added to labels via the Setting screen which you can get to on the labels preview screen – Changing Labels Settings.

Make sure the No Images On Label field is unchecked.

There are a number of built-in images which you can click on to select. Note that you can scroll to reveal more images.

You can also select an image on your computer by clicking on the Download Image File button.


Note: The image selected will be for the current list. You can choose a different image for each list e.g. you can have a Christmas icon for a Christmas list, and a wedding image for a Wedding list etc.


Adding Images Via Settings Screen

Changing the Image Size and Transparency


If an image is used for the label, it will use a maximum of 25% of the label (left hand side).

You reduce the size of the label via the Image Size slider. Move the slider and release. The label preview on the settings screen will then update to show the new size.

You can also make the image more transparent by sliding the Image Transparency slider and releasing.

Changing Image Size and Transparency Screen