Brother USB printers e.g. QL-700 & QL-800

Getting to work with Big Sur and later

From Big Sur (macOS 11.0) onwards, it looks like there are no Brother drivers which will work with macOS. This has caused problems with Address Labels working with printers such as the QL-700 i.e. non-wifi printers.

It is possible to print labels to printers such as the QL-700, but there is a little more to do than with a wifi printer, such as the QL-820NWB. The main extra step is to tell the printer settings the size of the label. With the wifi printers, this isn’t necessary – you just need to select the correct size in AddressLabels and print.

There follows a description of what you must do with the QL-700 etc.




Firstly, select the item(s) to be printed, and in the Settings, select the correct label type (as well as any other changes, such as font).\

In this examplem the 62mm x 100mm label has been selected.



Return to the Preview and click the Printer 🖨 button.

You will then see the macOS Print Settings screen.

Click on the Show Details button, if the Details are not already showing.




Change the dropdown to Paper Handling, as shown here.




Check “Scale to fit paper size”

 Open the Destination Paper Size dropdown, and select the correct size for the label you are using.

Note: Even if the paper size already looks correct, it is essential that you click on the drop-down and select the correct size.

That should be it.

Click on Print, and hopefully your label will print correctly.

This has been tested using a QL-700 connected via USB, on an M1 macbook pro runing macOS 12.1 Beta and Ventura 13.2. It has also been tested with a QL-800 printer using Ventura 13.1.

It worked fine with 2 of the 3 labels tested – the 62mm x 100mm, and the 17mm x 54mm.

However, there was a problem with the 62mm x 29mm. In this case, the label was printed in portrait orienation.